Vehicle Repairs in Romford | Your Questions Answered

Who do you turn to for modern garage services in the Romford area? At Vehicle Services, we already have an established customer and client base consisting of private motorists and fleet trade operators from all parts of Essex. These discerning visitors to our workshop use us for car servicing, vehicle repairs and MOTs across multiple categories. From replacement brakes and clutches to car air conditioning recharges, our family-owned company does it all.

On this page, we provide answers to some of the many questions we receive about car repairs, and also on how we go about our business in the immediate Romford area.

What sets your garage services apart from other workshops in the area?

We invest heavily into the industry’s most advanced engine management equipment so, whenever you book in for car servicing or vehicle repairs, our company delivers the latest in modern garage services but with the welcome combination of time-honoured mechanical skills. This makes us the perfect choice for dealing with any type of performance issue.

Very few garages in Romford or Essex can match us for our commitment to innovation.

Do you guarantee your car repairs?

Yes. In fact, we guarantee all of our garage services. Car servicing and car repairs both have 12 month or 12,000 mile part and labour warranties. Some components, such as brakes and clutches sourced direct from the manufacturer, have extended warranties. We want our Romford customers to walk away with the best possible impression of our operation.

That’s why we always guarantee every aspect of our workmanship.

Does car servicing provide me with any significant benefits?

Yes. Perhaps the biggest benefit all is a significant reduction in the potential for breakdowns. In turn, this lowers the likelihood of having to pay out more for vehicle repairs over the lifespan of the vehicle. We see car servicing as one of the best investments any Romford motorist can make. There is no better form of preventative maintenance available.

Vehicle Services performs car servicing on a full and interim basis.

Does a full service cover my car air conditioning?

No. However, we do provide servicing and recharging for car air conditioning systems as a standalone feature in our garage services. A cleanse of the system clears it of the harmful allergens and pathogens that create headaches, nausea and asthma. During a service, we check your car air conditioning for possible refrigerant leaks across the system pipework.

Book in for a service or a recharge at our Romford workshop by calling 01708 725565.

Can I come in for MOTs as a walk-in customer?

It’s always best to make an appointment and to come in for MOTs at the allotted time but, if we do have a bay and an inspector available, we’ll do everything possible to accommodate you as a walk-in customer. If time is the issue, leave your car with us in the morning so we can perform the test and we’ll have it waiting for you to collect on your way home.

Our garage in Romford performs MOTs over multiple test categories.

Do you replace worn brakes and clutches with good quality parts?

Yes. All replacement parts, including the brakes and clutches we use, comply with the trade’s current OEM standards. If you would prefer us to fit original manufacturer parts, we can source brakes or clutches for your particular model from a network of trusted suppliers in the Romford and Essex areas. Local suppliers help us to maintain fast turnaround times.

Vehicle Services can also provide you with a free brake or clutch inspection.

Call 01708 725565 to find out more about our car servicing and vehicle repairs. We trade in Romford and welcome customers from all parts of the surrounding Essex area.