MOTs in Romford | Fair and Impartial Testing

To perform MOT testing across all or any of the current categories, a garage must have approval from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). Our workshop in Romford welcomes motorists from all locations in the surrounding Essex area and completes MOTs (primarily in the Class IV category) by appointment. Subject to having a bay and a qualified inspector available, Vehicle Services also extends a warm welcome to walk-in customers.

MOTs check for important safety, roadworthiness and emission standards on your vehicle after it reaches three years of age. If a service is a physical health check on a car, then an MOT test is very much the visual equivalent. Pass an inspection at our approved testing centre in Romford and we’ll issue a new certificate valid for one full calendar year.

Fail the test and, subject to your approval, we’ll undertake the required car repairs needed to get you through at the second time of asking. We’ll even re-test your vehicle for free!

Booking Ahead

Did you know that we perform MOTs up to one full month ahead of the current certificate’s expiry date? Book in for testing early and the law lets you run both certificates concurrently. That’s 13 full months of certification if you come to our premises in Romford just that little bit earlier. The key to our garage services is flexibility and this is just one great example of it.

Contact us on 01708 725565 to book in for your next MOT test early.

Handy Reminders

We know that our Romford and Essex customers are busy people, and that it’s very easy to forget the due dates for MOTs when there are so many other important things to fit into each day. Become a regular customer at Vehicle Services and, when you have an inspection due, we’ll send out a convenient reminder by text or by email with plenty of time to spare.

Our company can set a reminder for every car in your household.

Avoid Penalties

Did you know that MOTs have mandatory status and that every vehicle used on UK roads for more than three years has to have a valid pass certificate? Drive without an MOT and, should you be stopped by the police at the roadside, you could face a fine of anything up to £1000.00. You could also invalidate the terms and conditions of your insurance policy.

Should you be involved in an accident, you might have to pay for repairs personally.

Approved Inspectors

The UK has approximately 21,000 testing centres, including our dedicated facility in the Romford area, and as many as 53,000 qualified testers performing MOTs from approved centres on a daily basis. Continuous monitoring of standards by the DVSA ensures motorists, locally, regionally and nationally, benefit from fair inspections performed with impartiality.

Only an improved inspector has the authority to issue the MOT pass certificate.

MOT Advisories

During some MOT tests, inspectors find minor issues that won’t contribute to failure, but which could become a problem for Romford or Essex motorists over the next 12 months. We note such issues on the test paperwork as advisories, and strongly recommend that any points which arise during MOTs receive your prompt attention before things get worse.

Vehicle Services can attend to advisories on the day of the test or in a future appointment.

Call 01708 725565 to book MOTs with Vehicle Services. We welcome customers from Romford and the surrounding Essex area.