Car Servicing in Romford and Essex

Arranging a six-monthly or annual health check for your car isn’t all that different from a trip to the doctor for a review of your own wellbeing. Vehicle Services, an independent family-owned garage located in Romford, accepts bookings for full and interim car servicing from motorists in the Essex area. Scheduled maintenance is one of our most important garage services because it offers a complete insight into the most critical parts of your vehicle.

Traditional car servicing covers a series of physical and mechanical checks. The thing that separates Vehicle Services from other workshops in Romford and the surrounding areas is the extra garage services we provide to you as one of our valued customers. That’s why we extend what we do to include an inspection and service for your car air conditioning system.

Full and Interim Car Servicing

Motorists in Romford and Essex have two different car servicing options to consider; the full service and the interim service. Both have equal importance based on the number of miles you cover over six-monthly and annual intervals. To ensure you get the very best from our company, Vehicle Services explains recommended service intervals below but advises that you check manufacturer schedules as there might be some slight variations in timescales.

The Interim Service

Most car owners see interim car servicing as a basic oil and filter change but this is actually a separate service (although we do change the oil and filters during an interim and a full service). The interim service goes beyond this basic work to include a visual inspection of the vehicle and a top-up of the key fluids. There are over 35 different points for us to look at during interim car servicing but reputable garages like our own usually exceed this figure.

We advise our Romford and Essex customers to book in for interim car servicing after every 6,000 miles covered (or every six months) on any vehicle exceeds 12,000 miles in a full year.

The Full Service

We further advise motorists to book in for full car servicing every 12 months or after every 12,000 miles covered, whichever falls sooner. The full service is the most detailed health check for your vehicle and consists of more than 65 different points (based on the type of model you drive). Components of this service include a change of the spark or glow plugs, a comprehensive brake check, a suspension test and a full review of the exhaust system.

Road users who visit our workshop in Romford for car servicing benefit from independent prices, receive a stamp in the service book and retain their current vehicle warranties.

Car Air Conditioning

Your car air conditioning system does not fall within the parameters of full or interim car servicing but it still requires maintenance (usually at two-year intervals but we advise that you check the correct manufacturer schedule). The service includes a check for refrigerant leaks, a system clean and a gas and lubricant recharge. More than two-thirds of the vehicles manufactured in the modern automotive sector have a car air conditioning system.

Air conditioning servicing eliminates the hazardous allergens and pathogens that incubate inside the system and which, at their worst, cause headaches, sickness and even asthma.

Vehicle Services of Romford works tirelessly to meet the demands of today’s latest makes and models by tailoring its garage services to systems they contain. Your car air conditioning is one of the most sensitive systems of all, and one that benefits from our company’s continued investment into modern engine management and diagnostic equipment.

Call 01708 725565 to find out more about full, interim and car air conditioning servicing. We welcome customers from Romford and the surrounding Essex area.