Car Repairs in Romford and Essex

Our company delivers the garage services you need at the times when you need them the most, especially when it comes to car repairs. Worn brakes and clutches, diagnostic issues and gearbox problems all result in underperformance or breakdowns. We know how important it is to have access to a full and professional range of vehicle repairs for any eventuality, and that’s why our workshop in Romford invests so heavily into innovation.

Motorists from all locations in the surrounding Essex area often come to Vehicle Services as first-time customers and stay with us for life. That’s because we provide them with all of the supporting garage services they need from a single independent workshop in Romford. In addition to car repairs, we welcome servicing, car air conditioning and MOT testing work.

You can find out more about our general services by watching our company video.

Replacement Brakes

Pads, shoes and discs wear sooner than most other working components because, unlike moving engine parts, it isn’t possible to service them. Despite this, the brakes serve as the most important safety feature on any vehicle. Typical signs of wearing in the brakes, and the strongest indication for needing car repairs from Vehicle Services of Romford, are irregular screeching or squealing noises when slowing, pulsation through the steering wheel, having to depress the brake pedal further to stop or a pungent burning smell from near the tyres.

You might also experience dashboard warning lights.

We inspect and replace brakes using OEM or original manufacturer parts depending on which our Romford and Essex customers prefer. These car repairs restore your vehicle to a safe and roadworthy condition, and protect the welfare of you, your passengers, other road users and the public. Arrange to have your brakes inspected by calling in to see us today.

Replacement Clutches

Clutches also wear through everyday use. If you feel looseness, sponginess, vibrating or sticking when pressing down on the clutch pedal, or if you hear squeaking or grumbling sounds, you may need to book in for car repairs at our popular Romford workshop soon. Other indications of worn clutches include poor acceleration when revving the engine, a loss of acceleration through the clutch slipping or marked difficulty in completing gear changes.

Worn clutches often lead to more costly vehicle repairs if left unattended because they compromise the transmission system and eventually affect the integrity of the gearbox.

Typically, clutches last for between 50,000 and 100,000 miles but continuous gear changing when driving in town conditions wear them down sooner. Your driving style also impacts on clutches, especially if you habitually “ride” the pedal. We replace clutch plates, pressure plates and flywheels, and these services all fall under our wider range of vehicle repairs.

Engine Repairs

Brakes and clutches, plus other integral features such as exhaust or car air conditioning systems, account for a large percentage of car repairs undertaken for motorists in Romford and the surrounding areas. We do, however, cover all of types of engine management work through the use of advanced diagnostic equipment approved by major manufacturers and reputable trade organisations. This equipment helps us to retrieve stored fault codes.

The process involves plugging a code reader into your on-board computer, known as an ECU. We usually do this if your car displays dashboard warning lights.

Code readers help us to isolate engine issues and, subsequently, to recommend the correct vehicle repairs immediately without resorting to costly, time-consuming troubleshooting. A faster resolution for our Romford and Essex customers lowers the cost of car repairs, and helps us to identify potential future issues with brakes, clutches and other working parts.

Call 01708 725565 to find out more about car repairs and engine diagnostics. We welcome customers from Romford and the surrounding Essex area.